cover image of the book Atomic habits

James Clear in this wonderfully well-written and best-seller book talks about the power of small changes in your habits. The techniques given in the book are very practical and scientific. This is what makes this book unique. His book is clearly among the greats in self-help literature.

The author stays true to the strength and theme of the book which is the power of small and incremental challenges. He continuously gives examples and tries to substantiate that big things get achieved in life by taking small and consistent steps and not by doing things big bang. This perspective is both motivating and realistic, offering a more achievable path to personal growth.

The philosophy of the book revolves around the framework of four parameters – making it obvious, making it attractive, easy, and satisfying. In this framework he not only talks about picking good habits but also talk about getting rid of bad habits.

Just like any other book, do not expect miracles until you yourself act on it, but this is one of those books that is written so practically with everyday examples that you relate to it. Even if you inculcate some of the steps given in the book, this can do wonders as this book has tools and techniques to help you on that journey.